Cat Feeder Automatic: A Convenient Solution for Multi-Cat Homes

As a pet owner with a busy schedule, I often find it challenging to maintain regular feeding schedules for my furry companions. However, ever since I started using the Cat Feeder Automatic, my cats are very happy, and this product has made my job a lot easier. This innovative device comes equipped with advanced features such as timer settings, WiFi connectivity, and Alexa control, making it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking convenience and peace of mind.

What exactly does this product do for me?

The Cat Feeder Automatic for 2 Cats is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of multi-cat households. It boasts a double design with a detachable meal splitter, allowing me to distribute food evenly between my feline friends. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with cats of different sizes and dietary requirements.

Convenient Remote Control

Thanks to its WiFi connectivity, I can easily program and control the Cat Feeder Automatic using the “Smart Life” app on my iOS or Android smartphone. No matter if I’m at work or on vacation, I have the power to remotely manage my pets’ meal plans with just a few taps on my phone. The app gives me the flexibility to set up to 30 meals per day, and I can adjust portion sizes for each feeding.

User-Friendly Setup Cat Feeder Automatic

Connecting the Cat Feeder Automatic to my home network was a straightforward process. I simply turned on Bluetooth on my mobile phone, connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network, opened the “Smart Life” app, and logged in to my account. I then reset the WiFi on the feeder device by pressing and holding the “WiFi reset” button, and added the device to the app by entering the WiFi name and password. Once connected, I had full control over the feeder’s functionality. And you can check Small Animal Playpen Review article.

Alexa Integration

For added convenience, the Cat Feeder Automatic supports Alexa voice control. By linking the feeder to my Amazon Echo device, I can easily complete my daily feeding tasks with a simple voice command. This feature eliminates the need to open the app and allows me to effortlessly care for my pets while attending to other tasks around the house.

Thoughtful Design

The Cat Feeder Automatic has an anti-clogging design for smooth food distribution. Enhanced impellers and a 40-degree inclined channel stop food build-up. This ensures kibble flows consistently (best size: 5-10 mm). The secure sliding lock lid keeps food fresh and avoids spills. The feeder’s 7L storage is paired with desiccant bags. This combination ensures my cats always have a supply of fresh food.

My reviews of the Cat Feeder Automatic

Since using this product, my cats are thrilled and it’s made my life easier. Connecting the feeder to WiFi took some time, but after that, everything ran smoothly. I appreciate the detachable stainless steel bowls, as they are easy to clean. I can also adjust how much food is dispensed in each bowl, how often food is dispensed, and what time. Everything is controlled through an app on my phone. My only concern is the reliance on WiFi for programming. I hope future versions can function without WiFi in case of connectivity issues. Overall, I highly recommend it.


Cat Feeder Automatic: A Convenient Solution for Multi-Cat Homes
Cat Feeder Automatic: A Convenient Solution for Multi-Cat Homes
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