Hanging Pod Chair: Fun and Therapeutic

If you’re looking for an interactive and practical addition to your home, let me introduce you to the Hanging Pod Chair, a unique adjustable height indoor and outdoor swing for kids. This swing is more than just a fun element; it’s also a sensory tool that can help kids with sensory disorders, Autism, and ADHD.

Design and Durability

Firstly, let me tell you about the trustworthy make of this chair. Crafted with 100% nylon, the sensory swing provides a soft, smooth, and breathable seat for your child. This skin-friendly fabric is also easy to clean and professionally designed not to stretch. Hence, it’s safe, durable, and can comfortably accommodate children and adults up to 230 lbs.

Versatility at Its Best

The fun doesn’t stop indoors. Our Hanging Pod Chair, an exceptional sensory swing + 360° swivel hanger, can be set up outdoors as well. Whether it’s hanging from a tree or fixed to your patio ceiling, this swing offers limitless possibilities. I found it quite fun to switch places and hang the chair in different settings.

Installation: A Breeze

As for the installation process, it’s straightforward. The swing comes with all the necessary hardware: a stainless-steel swing board rotator, locking connection ring, connection rope, daisy extension strap, bracket expansion screws, wood screws, and clear instructions. Plus, it includes a handy carrying case, making it super portable.

A Safe Space for Children

For parents seeking a safe, calming environment for their children, this Hanging Pod Chair is also a highly recommended indoor therapy swing. In my experience, it’s been wonderful in soothing my children’s overstimulated senses. The vibrant colors of the chair were instantly appealing, and the soft yet strong fabric made it their favorite spot to relax and swing.

Adjustability and Support

What I particularly liked about this chair were the adjustable vinyl strap and giant carabiner. With these, you can conveniently adjust the chair’s height from the floor. And let me assure you, the bolts that anchor the swing are substantial. As long as it’s hung from a stud, your child will be safe to sit or swing in it.

A Noteworthy Recommendation

I would absolutely recommend the Hanging Pod Chair. It’s not only an entertaining element for the kids but also a therapeutic tool that’s incredibly sturdy and comfortable. Indeed, it’s one product that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


  1. What is a Hanging Pod Chair? A Hanging Pod Chair is an indoor and outdoor swing designed with adjustable height. It’s crafted from soft, durable nylon and can also serve as a sensory or therapy swing for children with sensory disorders, Autism, or ADHD.
  2. Can the Hanging Pod Chair be used outdoors? Yes, the Hanging Pod Chair is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be hung from a tree or fixed to a ceiling.
  3. How do I install the Hanging Pod Chair? The Hanging Pod Chair comes with a comprehensive installation kit, including a stainless-steel swing board rotator, locking connection ring, connection rope, daisy extension strap, and bracket expansion screws.

Hanging Pod Chair: Fun and Therapeutic
Hanging Pod Chair: Fun and Therapeutic
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