Video Doorbell Mount: Secure and Convenient

The fast-paced world of technology continuously introduces gadgets and tools aimed at making our lives more comfortable and safer. My latest addition to the growing list of smart home devices is the Video Doorbell Mount. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I thought it’s about time to share my genuine experience with you all.

Why I Chose the Video Doorbell Mount

Living in an urban area, security has always been paramount for me. With several video doorbells out in the market, what makes this particular one stand out? For starters, the Anti-Theft Design it boasts is truly commendable. The upgraded design ensures your video doorbell is secure from potential thieves. With a 360° wrap around your doorbell, it offers stability and deters any attempts of theft.

Video Doorbell Mount

The No-Drill Installation feature resonated with me, especially living in an apartment. I have to admit, I’m not the most handy with tools, but the setup was a breeze. It comes with all the necessary items, ensuring that you don’t have to drill holes or damage your door in any way.

One of the main concerns when installing any device is compatibility. This Video Doorbell Mount is surprisingly versatile. Whether you’re using Video Doorbells from 1st to the 4th generation or even the Pro variants, this mount is designed to fit them all without blocking the camera sensor. However, do take note, it’s designed for inward-opening doors only.

My Personal Experience About Video Doorbell Mount

Once I got my hands on the Ring Camera outdoor holster, I was eager to set it up. After using it for a while, I appreciate that it doesn’t block the motion detection, a pivotal feature for me. The snug fit ensures the camera remains firm and in place. However, there’s room for improvement with the foam pads. While functional, they don’t offer much flexibility for adjustments.

Video Doorbell Mount

Assembly was straightforward, and it comes packed with all the tools needed. I was particularly impressed by the seller’s proactive approach, ensuring I could connect directly if there were any hitches. Shipping was prompt, and the package arrived in perfect condition with easy-to-follow instructions.

Having lived in an old house with no doorbells, this device has been a game-changer. It’s been over a year, and the batteries are still going strong. The wide selection of door chimes adds a fun element, especially during festive seasons.

However, a small hiccup I encountered was with the back sliding mechanism. Due to the door’s recessed nature, the mount was a tad too close to the edge for my liking.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The Video Doorbell Mount offers both security and convenience. While there are minor tweaks that could elevate the user experience, it’s a worthy addition to any home or office setup. If you’re considering a hassle-free and robust doorbell solution, this could be the one for you.

FAQs Video Doorbell Mount

  1. How does the Anti-Theft feature work? The upgraded design wraps your video doorbell 360°, ensuring stability and deterring potential theft.
  2. Is the installation process complicated? Not at all. The No-Drill Installation ensures a straightforward setup without causing any damage to your door.
  3. Is the Video Doorbell Mount compatible with all doorbells? It’s compatible with most video doorbells, particularly from the 1st to the 4th generation, including the Pro variants.
  4. Can I use this mount on any door? This mount is designed for inward-opening doors. Ensure your door thickness is between 0.59-2.36 inches, with a door gap width of over 0.06 inches.

Video Doorbell Mount: Secure and Convenient
Video Doorbell Mount: Secure and Convenient

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